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Mowing Service Pricing (2022)

Approximate price per service visit. Actual price may vary. Prices are based on an unfenced yard with few obstacles. Your price may be lower or higher based on total lawn area, fences, and other variables. Please read the FAQ section below for detailed information about the most common questions about our service.

Don’t know the size of your property? Call us or you can measure your property on Google Earth or search for your address on Realtor.com. On Realtor.com, the page with your property listing should have an area that says “sq ft lot or acre lot.” Include your entire property into the measurement, including the lawn, driveway, walks, and buildings. Property areas that do not need to be maintained, such as woods, can be subtracted from the measurement. 

Measurement conversions: 1/4 acre = 10,860 sq. ft. 1/2 acre = 21,780 sq. ft. 3/4 acre = 32,670 sq. ft. 1 acre = 43,560 sq. ft. 

Mowing Service FAQ

We mow and line trim the lawn. Edge the perimeters of paved surfaces such as sidewalks and driveways. Blow grass clippings off paved surfaces. We will cut the grass to a height of 3.25 to 4.5 inches based on growth, soil moisture, and seasonal conditions.

Quoted prices may be higher or lower than the prices listed in the price chart. Factors that affect price are lawn square footage, length of pavements, fences and fence gate width, terrain, and other variables. A property with very uneven terrain and a narrow fence gate that limits mower size would tend to cost more than a property that has flat terrain and no fence. 

We have a minimum service fee of $40.00.

Two types of additional one-time fees may apply to the first service if the lawn has not been maintained for several weeks while the grass is actively growing. 1) Long Grass Fee or 2) Pavement Edge Recovery. 

The Long Grass Fee may apply if the grass is longer than 6 inches. Increased grass length can substantially increase service times. The fee is charged additionally to the base price of the mowing service. 

1) Long Grass Fees:

Grass between 6 to 9 inches – 50% more. 

Grass between 9 to 12 inches – 100% more. 

Grass above 12 inches – Quotation required. Service will not be performed.  

For example – if the grass is 8 inches long and the regular price of the mowing service is $45, the one-time long grass fee of 50% would increase the first service price to $67.50. 

2) Pavement Edge Recovery:

If the grass has grown over pavement edges by more than 1 inch and requires cutting back with a shovel or removing sod to recover the pavement edges it can be done for an additional fee. A quotation would be provided to recover the pavement edges if necessary. 

No, we do not bag grass clippings. Unless a lawn has disease problems, bagging clippings is not a good practice. Mulching grass clippings on the lawn adds nitrogen back into the soil. It also keeps less waste from going to the landfill.

We do not provide one-time mowing or bi-weekly mowing services. Grass typically grows too vigorously in this area to cut every 2-weeks. 

We provide services within a 20-minute drive of our location (1420 Bristol Pike, Morrisville, PA 19067). We can increase the service radius for commercial accounts or residential properties larger than 1 acre. 

A list of cities in our service area: 

Morrisville, Fairless Hills, Yardley, Lower Makefield, Newtown, Levittown, Penndel, Langhorne, the eastern portion of Bensalem, and areas of Bristol that have sufficient parking space to easily accommodate a full-size pickup truck with an 18 ft. trailer. 

Services will begin around the second week of April and end in late November.

We will provide service approximately every 7-days. Service intervals may extend to every other week or longer during periods of slow growth or droughts if the grass does not need to be cut. 

Mowing service intervals may be affected by inclement weather, weather forecasts, and unforeseen circumstances. We do our best to provide service every 7-days, but we cannot guarantee that the service will occur at exact 7-day intervals. Some fluctuations will occur. 

We cannot provide a specific day of the week (eg. Thursday) service. 

We offer many other landscaping and lawn services. Leaf removal and bed weed control are separate services. We are happy to quote any service you need.

We invoice monthly at the end of each month for our mowing services. Each monthly invoice will list the charges for the services provided during that month. Invoices are due on receipt. 

A payment may be required prior to the first service if a lawn has excessively long grass. 

We accept credit cards, ACH, and checks. Checks can be mailed to Red Oak Landscaping, 1420 Bristol Pike, Unit C, Morrisville, PA 19067. 

Yes, mowing services are subject to sales tax in Pennsylvania and New Jersey. Prices listed above are pre-tax. 

For residential clients: We do not require contract periods of any duration. You can cancel at any time. We strive to provide excellent service. If you are unhappy with the service for any reason please let us know what we can do to make it right. 

For commercial clients: Terms will be listed within the service contract.

For residential clients: We typically send out renewal notices in February or March. Pricing is subject to change. 

For commercial clients: Terms will be listed within the service contract.

Yes, our company is fully licensed and insured. All revenues and employee compensation are reported to the appropriate government agencies. 

We deliver dependable service and professionalism at a fair price. You can rely on us to be there every week. Our customer retention year-to-year is above average for our industry. 

Our customers tell us they prefer our company because of our reliability, satisfaction with the service, prompt and courteous customer service, and attentiveness to their needs. Most of us have had experiences with unfriendly contractors who act like they do not want our business; we are not that type of company. 

We are licensed and insured. Having a legitimate company on your property, and not some uninsured guy with a mower and a truck, helps give peace of mind and security.

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